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"There is no better group that is prepared to be the innovators of Healthcare 3.0 than physicians." ~Russ Reiss, MD, Cardiothoracic Surgeon & Creator of Physician Entrepreneur Academy




Why every physician needs a side hustle

Today's challenges of being a clinician can make you lose sight of why you went into medicine. Starting a side hustle can revive your true purpose and bring incredible excitement back into your professional life.

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One of a kind comprehensive course focusing on Physician Entrepreneurship. It was created specifically for Physicians looking for the knowledge to hit the ground running.

Get Coached

They say that the best coaches have the best coaches. As physician entrepreneurs we are often in situations where our opinions not only matter but they will be the basis for very important company decisions. Other times, we may be the one actually making the final call. Having a coach who has been there before is critical for success. This is probably the best investment you will ever make as a physician entrepreneur.

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Learn the Language

Whether it is love, work, or play, there is a very specific language that pertains to every worthy endeavor in life. Startups, and established companies, especially in the Life Sciences, have their own terminology and ways of getting things done. Some of it overlaps with what you learned in medical school, but much of it will be new. No worries, we have you covered and will make sure you can speak and understand the right language for the right situation all along the discovery to commercialization pathway.

Find the Right Team

The three main reasons companies fail are: lack of product-market fit, not enough capital, and the wrong team. In business, you will be required to interact and depend on other team members to execute tasks and milestones in ways you are likely not accustomed to as a physician. Therefore, it is imperative that you find the right team and the proper role, where you are challenged, utilized appropriately, and appreciated. We will guide you through this process and help you determine if you are the right fit for a particular opportunity.

Add Value Everyday

Many physicians think that what they have accomplished in the past will carry them through the future; or that just being a physician is enough. Inside the workings of a company, this is the furthest thing from the truth, and quickly leads to failure. You may be a great surgeon, but if you were hired to assist with an FDA approval, you will need to add value to the regulatory team in ways that have nothing to do with your surgical skills. We ensure that you will bring value to the table everyday.


Don't risk becoming another burned out healthcare worker while others just like you are walking around stoked because they are crushing it outside the clinic. Find out how they are doing it. Network with the movers and shakers. Engage in the dialogue that will restore meaning and purpose to your career.

You have the knowledge, now get the skills to fully leverage it!

Entrepreneurs are constantly learning and troubleshooting while building their dreams. The fact that you are a physician means you are already a lifelong learner, a quick read, and a natural problem solver. We are willing to bet that you are a little bit of a dreamer too.

So, it's time to maximize your your impact and earning potential by getting paid outside the walls of hospitals and clinics for all of your hard-earned knowledge and skills that you have accumulated over the years.

Start chasing down that dream now!

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