Frequently Asked Questions

Is Physician Entrepreneur Academy (PEA) only for physicians?

No. PEA was designed with physicians in mind, but anyone in healthcare will highly benefit from the material and content we offer.

How important is Coaching?

Coaching is everything. Think about your training thus far, residency, graduate school, or postdoctoral education. You had an extensive knowledge base already but still had so much more to learn. Without your senior residents, attending staff, or graduate thesis advisors, odds are that you would have been completely lost. These people were all your coaches. View your PEA Coach as your new senior staff or advisor who will make sure that you are not just mastering the material but learning how to apply it while maturing into a highly competent entrepreneur. Lastly, everyone should have a coach regardless of whether they are in PEA or not.

Why are some Coaching offers closed?

Although PEA's membership is a robust and growing community, the greatest benefits come on the personal level from our Webinars and Coaching sessions. Like everyone, we have limited bandwidth to interact effectively at this individual level, so to provide the best experience possible, we limit the number of clients we coach at any one time. PEA is more about giving back and doing well by doing good over just making a shear profit. Becoming a PEA Member, taking the E-Course, participating in our live webinars, and listening to the Podcast are all good ways to get started while waiting for Coaching spots to open up.

What is PEA Membership all about?

Not everyone is ready to enroll in a comprehensive E-Course, or a Coaching program, however, at PEA, we want to build community and be a resource for everyone interesting in networking and learning more. Like yourself, we are all about life long learning as the key to success. Consuming new content and interacting with colleagues is the best way to keep that fire burning. Membership includes access to exclusive content, Webinars, Podcasts, and the PEA Network of other entrepreneurs like yourself. Plus, our membership fees are very nominal, they are not our primary source of revenue, and they go to a great cause helping less fortunate patients get medical care that they would otherwise not receive. 

How long does the E-Course take to complete?

There is over 70 hours of content and course work which drips out over 10 weeks. There are 8 weeks of modules with a catch up week in the middle and a wrap up week at the end. There is also a mandatory and recommended reading list, which require between 30-40 hours of reading.

Can I binge through the E-Course?

Mastery verses learning requires extra time to really process and digest content. PEA courses are designed to give you the fundamentals while encouraging you to take a deeper dive. There is also a critical reading list and various reviews and assessments that need proper attention. To promote maximum benefit, allow ample time for reading and reflection, and not overwhelm, PEA drips content on a time dependant basis. So, the short answer is you cannot binge PEA modules. 

What are considered the Life Sciences?

The Life Sciences are any of several branches of science, such as biology and medicine, that deal with living organisms, their life processes, and relationships to each other and their environment. Biotechnology is the most prominent component of the life sciences and is the toolbox we use to leverage our understanding of the natural sciences to create solutions for many of our world problems. The Life Sciences include Medical Devices, Med Tech & Information Technology, including IoT & Telehealth, Cell & Gene Therapy, Pharma, and Regenerative Medicine. Any company working to improve the human condition through medical science and healthcare can be considered working in the Life Sciences.

Can PEA review my Pitch Deck?

The best way to refine your Pitch Deck is to have other professionals review it. Networking in PEA is critical to your success and sharing slide decks is a great way to get to know other entrepreneurs and help each other. Because of our bandwidth at PEA, reviewing individual slides and Pitch Decks outside of webinars and scheduled coaching sessions is a service we have to charge an additional fee for, as it is often labor intense. Email [email protected] for info and pricing.

Can I earn CMEs?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer CMEs at this time but we are working on it.

Questions and Support 

Questions for Russ or to contact the PEA Support Staff, email [email protected].

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